Whether you refer to a tomato as a fruit or a vegetable, there is no doubting it’s a nutrient-dense, super-food that most people should be eating more of. There are literally hundreds of different tomato varieties, grown around the world. We usually choose our favourite varieties through a combination of flavour, texture, appearance, and more recently size and colour.

Great tomatoes are no longer restricted to red either, with orange, yellow, and mocha coloured tomatoes offering even greater variety to tomato lovers in terms of flavour and texture, as well as colour. Eating tomatoes has long been linked to heart health. Fresh tomatoes and tomato extracts have been shown to help lower total cholesterol LDL cholesterol, and triglycerides. Tomatoes are widely known for their outstanding antioxidant content, including, of course, their oftentimes rich concentration of lycopene. Researchers have recently found an important connection between lycopene, its antioxidant properties and bone health.

Special Y.E.L.O™ tomatoes were finalists in the best Primary Sector Product of the 2016 New Zealand Food Awards.

Seed supplied by South Pacific Seeds and marketed by T&G.