Infinite Gold

03 Jun 2019

Infinite Gold provides benefits at all levels of the supply chain, so not only do growers experience the benefits, but packers, shippers, food service, processors, retailers and consumers reap the rewards, too!

Retail Features & Benefits

Flavor – Infinite Gold melons offer the infinitely sweet cantaloupe flavor that consumers crave. In fact, third party research conducted over two years continuously rated the flavor of Infinite Gold melons above that of the leading competitive LSL variety. Infinite Gold offers a unique flavor that has been missing from other LSL melons in recent years.

Less Shrink – The long shelf life characteristics of Infinite Gold means that they will continually arrive fresh to stores, even after a long journey. Infinite Gold’s long shelf life makes for prolonged freshness on the retailer’s shelf and on the consumer’s counter.

Shelf Appeal – Infinite Gold melons have a lighter green-tan hue to their rind even when fully ripe. But, when consumers cut into a ripe Infinite Gold melon they will immediately see and taste the difference!

Grower Features & Benefits

Performance – Early trials have shown Infinite Gold melons to be very adaptable and offer high yield. Plus, the strong vines of Infinite Gold have shown to hold up better against harsh conditions and diseases that can devastate other LSL and Western Shipper melons.

Savings – Infinite Gold offers potential cost savings in harvest. Many growers are finding they only need to harvest the field 2 to 3 times as opposed to 6 to 8 times for other melons. This means growers have the potential to use less labor, fertilizer and water and have more flexilibity in harvest timing. Furthermore, from a food safety aspect, the benefit of fewer harvest turns is great – less people and machinery in the field means less risk of contamination. Retail Demand – Retailers are beginning to understand the benefits (reduced shrink) of LSL melons and have been actively seeking an LSL melon with great flavor.

Organic Growers Untreated Infinite Gold seed is available! Infinite Gold was bred through traditional breeding practices and is a Non-GMO melon. Its strong vines hold up and can be less susceptible to pests and disease – many times resulting in less need for pesticides and other inputs.