COVID-19 Update Essential Service Designation

27 March 2020

Following the government COVID-19 update advising that New Zealand will go to Level 4 ‘lockdown’ alert, South Pacific Seeds has registered for “Safe Practice” through the Ministry for Primary Industries (“MPI”).

MPI has advised that the seed and seed treatment services that SPS delivers to the New Zealand horticulture sector will be considered an “essential service” as part of the food production supply chain, provided that these services can be delivered in a manner that appropriately minimises risks associated with the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Whilst our offering to our customers will remain the same in respect of providing you with vegetable seed and seed treatment services, the business will be operating under new strict protocols and Ministry guidelines.

As always, our number one priority is the health and wellbeing of our customers and our staff. Accordingly, the protocols we will implement will focus on protecting the health and wellbeing of you, our staff and the broader community.

Seed availability is good and we will continue to keep in touch with our customers to adjust our forecast and orders with our supply partners and to work in advance with our logistics to minimise any disruptions where possible to your businesses during such a critical time for our nation. Thank you for your continuing support.

We wish you, your families and employees well during these uncertain times.

Yours Sincerely
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