Crisp, tender and packed with natural goodness Kalettes, a combination of Kale and Brussels sprout, taking healthy to a whole new level.

Kalettes. A funny name for a serious vegetable. The Kale bit in the name comes from the fact they’ve been grown using tender kale. The ‘ettes’ bit in the name is because they’re ever so small and cute. Not cute in a puppy kind of way, but more in a Brussels sprout way. Because every little Kalette leaf has the crisp crunch of Kale with the nutty taste of a Sprout. What’s more, they contain the naturally grown goodness of both.

So, if you’re looking for a new vegetable that’s packed with ‘good stuff’ and tastes great, then boy, have we got a vegetable for you. After all, as they say; good things do come in little packages.

Key Features

Frilly-leaved top with streaks of purple on the leaf

A fresh fusion of Kale and Brussels sprout

Vegetable size: 6-10 grams

Colour: Purple green florets

Texture and flavour: Sweet and nutty

Seed supplied by South Pacific Seeds, grown by Snow Country Gardens and marketed by Freshmax.