Seed Quality

When purchasing seed from our breeding partners and suppliers we stipulate that minimum standards specific to each crop are complied with to confirm the quality of the seed we are obtaining for sale. These include the seed germination, purity and moisture content. This ensures that the seed we have for sale to our customers is of an acceptable quality and true to the label specifications.

All seed that we currently supply into the New Zealand marketplace is GMO free.

Germination Testing

As part of our quality assurance program all seed stock is germination tested annually to ensure the viability of the seed meets our minimum germination standards. Some species or seeds which are treated require testing every 3 or 6 months as their shelf life is reduced, for example primed seed.

You can find the germination details on the label of the product you have purchased from us. This information is displayed in two formats:

1.   The actual germination percentage is detailed. This shows the percentage of seed that successfully germinated out of the sample analysed and the date the test was carried out (month/year).

2.   A minimum germination standard is detailed. This shows the minimum acceptable germination percentage and rather than stating a specific value, guarantees that the seed contained within the pack is at least of the minimum standard specified. This does not have a date.

All our seed is germination tested at either our in-house seed laboratory at our head office in Griffith, Australia or at Seed Tech Services in Palmerston North.

Best Before

The Best Before date detailed on some of our product labels is a requirement for the Australian market and used for internal purposes only. Because of our stringent germination testing procedure, as detailed above, all seed should be as prescribed on the label regardless of today’s date in relation to the Best Before date.

Seed Treatment

Seed treatments by organisations independent of South Pacific Seeds are at the purchaser’s risk. We decline any responsibility for bare seed treated or conditioned for customers (this includes pelleting, air coating, chemical additives, priming, hot water treatments etc…) as these are outside the control of South Pacific Seeds, and as such we cannot be held accountable for their effect on seed quality and performance.

Seed Traceability

All seed sold by South Pacific Seeds has a lot number and batch number detailed on the packaging label. This enables us to trace the origin of the seed line and access any necessary information on this seed line in the advent of an issue.

Should you have any concerns over the quality of seed you have purchased from us please do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 77 22 43 and have the lot and batch number available.