Organic Seed

At South Pacific Seeds we are proud to be able to offer our organic customers a range of proven varieties of which the seed has been produced organically.

South Pacific Seeds has exclusive distribution in New Zealand for varieties from the Vitalis Biologische Zaden B.V (Vitalis) range. This Dutch company is now a world leader in organic vegetable breeding and seed production. The objective of Vitalis is to produce organically grown seeds from reliable varieties which meet consumer demands as well as the special characteristic that organic farmers require. In order to achieve this objective, Vitalis breeds and selects an increasing number of varieties in organic trials all over Europe, and South Pacific Seeds in turn selects the varieties which are suited to the New Zealand growing conditions. All seeds are grown in compliance with EU and USDA regulations for organic production.

For organic farmers who grow a large number of crops, it is sometimes difficult to choose the most suitable variety from the wide range which is available in some crops. Throughout our website we have identified, under the “Market Segment” heading, varieties which are available as organic seed (as well as conventionally).

In addition to the range of organic varieties we have available through Vitalis, South Pacific Seeds can supply untreated seed of most species. Throughout our website we have identified, under the “Market Segment” heading, varieties which are available as untreated seed.

For all seed purchases we recommend that you order 6-8 weeks in advance of your required sowing date to allow for seed to be ordered in. Should you have any questions regarding our range of seed for organic production systems please contact your regional sales representative or our office on 0800 77 22 43.