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GARINCHA is a ‘Santa’ type meaning that the fruit are shaped similarly to the plum tomatoes but having the small fruit size and sweetness of a cherry tomato. The eating experience of a tomato is such an important component of the varietal traits and, as such, GARINCHA has been developed to provide excellent sensory qualities including a crunchy texture and superior sweet taste.  The small size of the GARINCHA fruit enables a range of packaging options to be considered, from standard square punnets to plastic ‘cup’ options.

Variety Features

12-15g weight
Santa fruit shape
Loose harvest

Agronomic Considerations

Suitable for heated and non-heated growing environments
Early maturity
Plant habit is moderately vigorous, open and fairly long jointed

Disease Resistances

High Resistance: ToMV/Fol:0,1
Intermediate Resistance: TSWV/Ma/Mi/Mj

Market Segment

Domestic market

Pack Sizes

1C, 1M