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Exceptional fruit quality and outstanding flavour are the key features of ANNAMAY. Able to be harvested loose or on the truss, the fruit of ANNAMAY sit nicely on a compact truss and have a dark green calyx and stem which present well. With the best results obtained from seven fruit per truss, ANNAMAY truss weight averages 245 grams. For loose harvest the calyx scar of ANNAMAY is very small resulting in a very attractive piece of fruit with good colour and gloss. ANNAMAY shows no susceptibility to fruit cracking or splitting. The plant of ANNAMAY is open with upright leaves making this variety labour friendly with medium vigour and yields very well.

Variety Features

30-40g weight
Round fruit shape
Loose and truss harvest

Agronomic Considerations

Suitable for heated and non-heated growing environments
Early maturity
Plant habit is moderately vigorous and open
Recommend grafting with Efialto rootstock

Disease Resistances

High Resistance: ToMV/Ff:A-E/Va:0/Fol:0,1/For/
Intermediate Resistance: On/Si

Market Segment

Domestic market
Available as untreated seed

Pack Sizes

1C, 1M