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TUNDRA is a high yielding, dark green spinach suitable for Summer and Autumn babyleaf harvest. TUNDRA has a semi to heavy savoy (becoming so as cool nights become the norm in Autumn) and attractive leaf cupping but grows in an upright habit allowing for ease of harvest. TUNDRA is a sister-line to Acadia with a slightly slower maturity making it an ideal variety to run alongside through Summer and has equally uniform leaves through the plant allowing for very high yields. TUNDRA has a slightly darker leaf than Acadia but shows similarly good versatility in the transition from Summer conditions to Autumn conditions. TUNDRA has shown strong field tolerance to Pythium when pressure becomes high in mid-Autumn.

Variety Features

Dark green leaf colour
Oval, slight point leaf shape
Semi-savoyed leaf texture

Agronomic Considerations

Strong tolerance to bolting
ƒField tolerance to Pythium under high pressure
ƒNot suited to bunching

Disease Resistances

High Resistance: Pfs:1-13, 15, 16

Market Segment

Babyleaf market

Harvest Period

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