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ROSETTA is a purple radish bred specifically for sprouting and microgreen production. ROSETTA will germinate in 5-7 days producing dark purple cotyledons and stems, perfect for adding colour to sprout or microgreen mixes. The intensity of the flavour means ROSETTA can be included in mixes or is ideal as a stand-alone product.

Variety Features

Dark purple cotyledon
Dark purple stems
Strong radish flavour

Agronomic Considerations


Disease Resistances


Market Segment

Microgreen market
Sprouting market
Only available as untreated seed

Harvest Period

  • Jan
  • Feb
  • Mar
  • Apr
  • May
  • Jun
  • Jul
  • Aug
  • Sep
  • Oct
  • Nov
  • Dec

Pack Sizes

500G, 5KG, 10KG