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INFINITE GOLD is a Harper type rockmelon and has been bred for flavour, fruit quality and long shelf life (LSL) with a strong disease package of powdery mildew (Px) and fusarium (Fom). INFINITE GOLD is a highly adaptable variety and has shown very good tolerance to ground cracking. The non-sutured fruit have a full net and are produced on a vigorous vine, setting mostly on the crown. Highly uniform fruit size and shape in addition to high yield potential are key features of INFINITE GOLD. The fruit are large in size and can reach 12-14 Brix at correct maturity under favourable conditions. The flesh is firm with a dark orange colour and a small seed cavity.

Variety Features

Non-sutured fruit
Round-oval fruit shape
Fruit weight about 1.6kg

Agronomic Considerations

A hybrid variety
Harvest guides to help judge the optimum maturity for picking are available from the SPS office

Disease Resistances

High Resistance: Fom:0-2, Px:1,2

Market Segment

Fresh market
Process market

Harvest Period

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