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Producing a strong plant, ATALANTE is fast into production with very regular fruit set that ensures continual fruit load and therefore reliable yields to meet market demand. The plant has an open habit which allows for ease of crop work, crucial in reducing production costs.

The fruit quality of ATALANTE is excellent producing large, heavy fruit with thick walls that have good shelf life post-harvest and good tolerance to internal fruit rot. Quick to colour, ATALANTE fruit have a true yellow colour (no orangey hue) with an attractive glossy skin and thick fruit stem which presents well. Good uniformity of fruit shape and size ensures a higher proportion of first class fruit.

Variety Features

200-210g weight
4 lobed, longer blocky fruit shape
Generative plant type

Agronomic Considerations

Suitable for heated growing environments
Early to medium maturity
Plant habit is vigorous

Disease Resistances

High Resistance: Tm: 0-3

Harvest Period

  • Jan
  • Feb
  • Mar
  • Apr
  • May
  • Jun
  • Jul
  • Aug
  • Sep
  • Oct
  • Nov
  • Dec

Pack Sizes

1C, 1M