New directors on PMA-ANZ board

New directors on PMA-ANZ board

Nick Fitzpatrick of T&G Global Limited and David Harris of Harris Farm Market were appointed as directors at the annual general meeting held in Auckland in November.

The PMA A-NZ board nominated Andrew Francey of One Harvest as the new chair replacing John Said who has been in the role for the past four years. Joe Craggs of Tropical Pines was named vice chair.

PMA A-NZ directors also welcomed the new CEO, Darren Keating, officially replacing Michael Worthington who retired in November this year.

The full PMA A-NZ Board for 2016 - 2017 consists of:

  • Andrew Francey, One Harvest (AU) – chair
  • Joe Craggs, Tropical Pines (AU) - vice chair
  • Emma Townsend, Fibre King (AU)
  • Scott Davidson, Woolworths (AU)
  • Rachel Audigé, BrandExpansion (AU)
  • Nicholas White, Gourmet Garden (AU)
  • Rocky Tassone, Hydro Produce (AU)
  • Michael O’Keefe, Premier Fruit Group (AU)
  • Charlotte Connoley, South Pacific Seed Sales Ltd (NZ)
  • Nick Fitzpatrick, T&G Global Limited (NZ)
  • David Harris, Harris Farm Market (AU)

Mr Francey welcomed the new directors and acknowledged the significant contribution of those stepping down.

“John (Said) has been an outstanding chairman who has given an enormous amount of his time, energy, passion and support to PMA A-NZ and we owe him a significant debt of gratitude,” Mr Francey said.

“I would also like to acknowledge Andrew Keaney, executive general manager of T&G Global Limited, who has been a major contributor to our board proceedings, sitting on a number of task forces and board committees.

“Andrew has tirelessly represented New Zealand Members throughout his four years on the board and has been a great supporter of the development of young professionals in our industry”.

Mr Francey also expressed his gratitude to Nathan Soich, previously the marketing manager of Compac Sort for his time on the PMA A-NZ board in 2016.

"Nathan was only on the board for a short time but his contribution was always incisive and thought-provoking, especially in the area of marketing,” he said. Mr Francey said he was looking forward to the next 12 months in working with members’ across the supply chain to deliver on the Food Safety, Talent, Demand Creation and Networking initiatives.

“We will continue to engage with our members collaboratively, working together to add value and strengthen our industry,” he said.

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